Sep 29, 2011

The wheelchair is coming on Friday

Hajime had on his energetic face from morn. But I think his secretions are increasing day by day. I think Hajime notices the change too. I am keeping in mind that I have to suction more frequently.

Hajime’s personal wheelchair was supposed to come today but we got a call saying that it’s not coming today. Hajime was getting ready for it. So it changed to 4pm on Friday. My husband got off work and came to the hospital for this so this is very troubling. I’m thinking that Hajime was disappointed too.

But, to compensate we got Hajime a Xbox and we put it in his room. From now on Hajime can play games whenever he wants to.
Let the games begin!
Compared to last time he is able to control the games better with his toes now.
I’m so amazed.

I’m so glad that there are things in his daily life that Hajime can enjoy. I am so thankful to God for giving him these opportunities.

Oh, please take a look at this picture.
It’s a letter that Hajime’s sister wrote for Hajime…

Yuki wants to play with her brother again.
She says “When brother gets better, I’m going to play with blocks with him.”
She is waiting for him to come home.

She wants to sit with him on the sofa again…I hope that wish comes true!

Translated by CS

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