Sep 15, 2011

An Important Friend

Today is the second day since grandma has arrived and I went to go see Hajime after I picked up the kids.

Hajime had his usual smile and when he saw his grandma his smile got bigger! I thought he must really be happy.

He doesn’t have much of a health problem right now but he was bleeding from the place where the trach tube is inserted. It seems like he’s been bleeding from the morning but I think anybody would worry if there’s bleeding like that.
I wonder if he’s okay?
RT said it’s fine because there’s not much of a problem.

And Hajime’s been refusing to get an immunization shot to prevent him from getting pneumonia since 8/11, but he said he’ll go ahead and take that shot. So brave of him!
Everybody hates shots, right?

In the morning, Mama Sue and Ashley came and brought over the video that they took at church last Sunday.
There was a message from Hajime from each person and Hajime happily watched that.

I think it’s awesome that Hajime has many friends and supportive friends.
It is perhaps because of everybody that Hajime can spend each day lively.

Thank you so much!

Translated by CS

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