Sep 12, 2011

Participating in a wonderful event

We received Facetime from Hajime again today.
When we wave our hands, he waves his foot.
I think now that he’s starting to be able to do various things with his feet, his daily life is probably changing.

After the emergency hospitalization, getting a tracheotomy, getting a lung disease and getting operated on, not being able to move, having tremendous pain all over, Hajime who didn’t even have any hope in living is challenging his self to do new things everyday and is enjoying every day.

Thank you to everybody who’s been supporting and encouraging us!
Because of everybody’s prayers, Hajime is able to have more and more hope to live.
Please support us from now on too.

Today the people from the youth ministry at church came.

It is so wonderful to have laughter in Hajime’s room.
When I see Hajime’s smiles, I think I understand how much joy he was feeling.
Thank you so much for coming from a place so far, everybody!

After that there was and ALS event, so we went to a place called San Juan Capistrano with the family. Everybody was doing fundraising for the ALS patients there. And in there, people were working for Hajime too.

Stu Milheiser and Lisa Marie Jones-Wylhlidko organized the event.

ALS Guardian Angels

Stu is the person that made our wish to go to Japan come true but because of the lung disease after the hospitalization, we couldn’t go to Japan. But in place of that, Hajime’s grandmother, the person that he wanted to see, is coming from Japan this Tuesday.
Thank you very much Stu.

The event that happened tonight was a wonderful event.
I was able to meet many people and listen to them.
We had a nice dinner and had a very worthwhile night.

There was a time that they showed Stu’s video and when they showed Hajime’s video, I could not stop crying. And there were so many others with ALS on this video and when I think about how all of the families must feel the same way I do, it’s painful.

The thing that most surprised me was that even with the tracheotomy, many people passed away. I was disturbed. I thought that if he has that tube on, we escaped the fear of death…..

But, Hajime will be fine! I thought strongly to hold on to that hope.

Translated by CS

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