Sep 19, 2011

The Radio Control Tanker That He Loves

His fever from yesterday finally came down and today it’s within 98 degrees range.
His not fully recovered yet, but I’m a mom that feels a little better just because the fever went down.
His grandmother was worried about his fever too, so we’re really comforted.

But he has a lot of saliva and we’ve been suctioning it repeatedly.

Last night, because Hajime also wished for it, we bought him a radio control tanker.

A few days ago, he was watching a radio control tanker in action on youtube over and over again.
That tanker can also shoot missiles and it was a video that even I thought was cool.

Hajime liked radio control things since he was a young child. Now I regret it every day that I didn’t get him earlier, but finally the day to let him play with it came.

Hajime was very excited.
We put the tanker on his bed and the way he used his foot to maneuver the controller like always was awesome.

He used the camera and Facetime on his father’s iPhone and iPad, and controlled the tanker under his bed.

Hajime looked really happy controlling the tanker.
But what was even more impressionable was my husband’s expression that showed enjoyment.

(small lol)

Translated by CS

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