Sep 21, 2011

Is he feeling something?

After the shocking matter yesterday, I totally got out of condition.
I've got a high fever suddenly, suffering from weariness.

Meanwhile, Hajime, who can't be aware of the fact,
is quite depressed as well.
Is it because he's heart is connected with his mom?

The secretion is getting worse day by day.
I'm so worried.

Whenever I think of Hajime, I couldn't stop tears.

This is a yard in the hospital.
We can see outside from Hajime's room.
I hope he gets better soon so that we can take a walk together again.

Translated by YT


  1. Would you please tell Hajime "hey" for me, and I enjoy seeing him smile! Blessings! Judy

  2. Thank you Judy! Yes, Hajime's smile has amaging power.