Sep 22, 2011

The Mother Has To Stay Strong

I had an appointment at my hospital today.
Afterwards, from noon there was a ventilator training at home.
I have to go through with this training several times.

There are tons of things that I need to learn, that changes, that needs to be done and I think I know about the ventilator, but then again I’m not sure of some things. I want to completely master it.

I headed for the hospital after I picked up my children, but I enjoyed chatting with Hajime on FB again till then. Because I don’t have an iPhone, I can’t use Facetime. So I chat with him instead but it still makes me happy to chat with Hajime. Although we only use a few words, I think I get a good grasp of how Hajime is doing.

When I got to the hospital, Hajime was in a lesson with his teacher from OC.
The children were trying to get their homework during that time, but because they had so much homework, they couldn’t go to Hajime’s room.
I spoke with Hajime during that time.

We talked about things like this.

Hajime likes AKB48(Japanese idol).
This is the first group that Hajime liked from the Japanese Entertainment Industry.
I’d like to somehow set up a meeting with them.
I’ve once sent a message to their blog, and perhaps they thought it was some sort of prank, I haven’t received any response from them.
If anybody that’s reading this blog has any information regarding them, please help us.

And 30 minutes later, my husband and I talked to the doctor.
When I told the doctor how I’m depressed because of what I heard from the doctor about now on,

“The mother has to stay strong. And you have to show Hajime that strength. And then seeing his mother, he will be comforted…”

He said something like that.

I think I know that in my head, but I’m still scared that I’m going to show my weakness.

What about you?

I have to stay strong so that my son will be comforted! This is a new task for me.

Translated by CS

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  1. I felt the same way when my mom was sick...that I had to be strong. Ask the Lord to help you. You can do it! Please tell Hajime "hi" for me!