Sep 18, 2011

Hajime got fever…

As the fever started since the last night, Hajime was not in a good shape and limp all day long.
I am worried as his heart-rate was close to 140 and his fever went up to 38 degree C (101 degree F).

It varies by countries how to take care when got the fever.

In case of Hajime this time…
In order to bring down the fever, we put Pedialyte, which is therapeutic hydration for child, to a tube, which goes to his stomach, and it indeed allayed his fever. However, the fever went up again quickly. Hence, we put the cold towels on his forehead and axilla, and kept him lightly dressed. Then, we were recommended to take him to the shower and we did… This is the opposite what we do in Japan.

He lost his strength and kept sleeping in the morning.

In the afternoon, Mari & Miranda came to see him. However, Hajime kept sleeping…

This coming Saturday, there is the event called “Ride to Defeat ALS” where people ride on the bicycle and run such long distance as 62 miles for fundraising. Mari is going to participate in this event for Hajime!

Ride to Defeat ALS

The following day of this event, 25th, is Mari’s birthday. I am very much impressed that she is going to run for Hajime. I realized that we were very happy to have such wonderful friends who support Hajime and our family.

Right before Mari leaves the hospital, Hajime waked up and responded to her with smile.

I hope Hajime’s fever is going down soon but I am still worried. As we took the secretion for sampling, we will know in a few days if Hajime is infected or not.

Translated by RM & YM

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