Jan 27, 2013

He May Have Built Up a Resistance

Hajime can now open his eyes this big.
It is really amazing.  It's all because of his efforts.

His secretion is still a greenish dark brown color.
He has been taking antibiotics for a week.
Sometimes his runny nose is very heavy and green.  But it is not constantly runny.
He may have built up a resistance to the antibiotics.
I worry that he may develop pneumonia.

Nowadays, there are many people with colds.  His younger sister Yuki had a sore throat with a fever until last night.  I hope he doesn't catch her cold.
I'm not feeling right either.  I have a sore throat too.

Well, I think we will just have to be good about washing our hands, gargling, and using hand sanitizers.

(translated by MS)

Jan 25, 2013

I Want to See This

It is very difficult to communicate with Hajime.
But our day nurse works so hard at it with Hajime that we are humbled!

It seems that Hajime even jokes around once in a while.  It is important to be able to express your complaints or your thoughts.

I received one such message from Hajime.
He "said", "Ultraman is t..."  I asked him questions along those lines such as, "Do you want to watch Ultraman Tiga?" but I finally figured out
that he meant

Ultraman is on UTB tonight at 9...

I think he saw a commercial for the program when he was watching UTB.  They're showing Ultraman Dyna on UTB now, so he
wanted to tell us that he wanted to watch it.

I think it's a very good thing that Hajime still feels like watching something, anything.

At that moment, I thought that Hajime is still a child at heart.

(translated by MS)

Jan 22, 2013

Little by Little, His Eyes...

Hajime's eyes are opening little by little.
This is truly thanks to all of you.  Thank you for your prayers and support.
God is working alongside us.

But now it has become harder for him to close his eyes.
We don't want him to get dry eyes, so we have to give him drops of artificial tears.  His eyes are bloodshot, so we are applying hot towels.
I feel better now than when he first opened his eyes.
His eyelid muscles will one day be gone, so I want to show him all kinds of things while he can still see.

Next week, on Sunday the 27th at 2:00, there will be a jazz concert at the FUMC of Pasadena.  It's a benefit concert for Hajime.
I hope you can come.
The address is as follows.

First United Methodist Church of Pasadena
500 E. Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91101
Office: 626-796-0157
Fax: 626-568-1615


We look forward to seeing you!

(translated by MS)

Jan 18, 2013

A Possible Miracle

I don't know if your prayers were answered, but Hajime's eyes...

Gradually, his eyes have started to open, starting about some time this evening.

This is truly a miracle!
Just a little more!  Hang in there, Hajime!!

(translated by MS)

Jan 16, 2013

Sad News

I have some sad news today.
Hajime's eyes won't open anymore.
His eyes were open until late at night on the day of his birthday party...

The next day (Sunday), I was thinking he sure is sleeping a lot.
That wasn't surprising.  I thought he must be tired from his party, so I let him sleep quietly.
But he wouldn't wake up on Monday either.  I thought this was strange, so I spoke to him.  But there was no response.
I rushed to take his vitals, but everything was normal.
Then it occurred to me, and I opened Hajime's eyes with my fingers.
His eyes moved normally.
I asked him, "You can't open your eyes by yourself?" and he replied no.

The time had finally come.
Totally Locked In State
The day that we had feared came.
There is nothing we can do but pray...that he is just tired, so with a little more time, he will open his eyes again.
Please pray for us too.

Even his younger brother Ryo was crying today.  My husband and I had been holding back our tears, but when we saw Ryo crying,
we started crying too.
But I'm glad that he was able to enjoy the birthday party.
And I'm glad I was able to show him the planetarium that day.

(translated by MS)

Jan 15, 2013

Hajime's Birthday Party

We had Hajime's birthday party on Saturday, the 12th.
We all had a very good time.  Our family and Hajime felt very content.
More than sixty people came.

Hajime was doing very well all day, from morning until night, as he received birthday wishes from everyone.
His eyes were wide open and he really did not look tired at all.

He was especially happy that Joe came.  He was the nurse in charge when he was rushed to emergency and put in ICU.
He was always so gentle and funny.  He really brightened our day.

At night, we all got together and sang Happy Birthday to Hajime.  Thank you all very much!

So many people came to celebrate with us that we will always fondly remember this birthday.

Thank you very much, everyone!

(translated by MS)

Jan 10, 2013

His 20th Birthday

Yesterday, the 8th, was his 20th birthday.
We said, "Happy Birthday!" starting from the morning, and he seemed happy.
When I see his happy face, it makes me feel happy too.

For his birthday, we gave him the toy that he has been wanting.

Ryo tried it out for him, and then he let Hajime hold it and shoot it.  Hajime was surprised at how powerful it was when he shot it.

On Hajime's Facebook, 136 people sent him birthday greetings.  I had 37 messages on my Facebook too.  I realized that we are loved by many people.

This is a just a sample of what we received...

I think many people will be sending you good wishes.   I pray that they will all reach you, Hajime!
Hajime, Happy Birthday.  I hope this year will be a peaceful one.
Happy Birthday!  I hope you will always be surrounded by smiling faces this year!
Yay!  Happy Birthday!  I'm sure there will be a miracle!  I believe and I'm praying!
May he have many, many more happy birthdays.
Oh, so many good wishes and such gratitude for all Hajime has done for us.
Happy Birthday, Hajime! :)  Hope you're faring well. God bless!
Happy Birthday, Hajime!  We are all thinking of you every day! :)

I am very grateful for the many messages.
Thank you!

(translated by MS)

Jan 8, 2013

The Toy He Wants

Quite a few days have passed since New Year's Day.
Hajime is doing well.

But, recently, the color (of the secretion) and odor around his trache is not good again. So we had to take another sample and turn it in to the lab.
If they find an infection again, we will have to give him antibiotics, so that is another thing to worry about.

Hajime has been into Nerf guns recently, so he's been watching a lot of YouTube about them.  And it seems like there is a particular model that he wants, so he has been telling us with the search screen to hurry up and get it for him.

This YouTube search screen that uses the XBox has been extremely helpful in our communication with him.  Our current day nurse has been talking to Hajime using this search screen.  He is able to express his feelings.  He tells us what he wants us to do or how he did not like something.  I am so happy we can do this.
It is extremely important that Hajime be able to express his feelings and his wishes.  This was possible thanks to our day nurse.

Tomorrow, the 8th, is Hajime's 20th birthday.
But my husband will be busy all day at a conference, so we are planning to have his birthday party on Saturday, the 12th.  It will be at our house and open to everyone.  We would love to have you come and wish Hajime a Happy Birthday, so if you have a chance, please come anytime from noon until nighttime.
I will post our address and other information, so please don't hesitate and drop by!

(translated by MS)

Jan 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

This past year, many people read this blog and many also gave me feedback.  I am deeply grateful.
Please also continue to remember us this year.

So many things happened last year.
Last New Year's, Hajime had been released from the hospital just a few months before, so we were still getting used to a lot of things.  We did not have a nurse, so I think my husband and I were physically and mentally tired from taking care of him by ourselves.
I remember feeling disappointed when I went to a Japanese store to buy New Year's food, and there was hardly anything left.

So this year, thanks to all of you, we were able to have a good New Year's Day.  The nurse took a day off, so we were relax with just our family.

Hajime watched the Rose Parade telecast over and over.  He was also able to see his favorite B2 Bombers on TV.
Lately, Hajime has not wanted the curtains opened, so I asked him if he was feeling down about something.
When he was still healthy, he used to watch the Rose Parade every year.
But now, when his younger brother Ryo talks about going to the parade,  all Hajime can do is wish he could go too.  I think that is why he was a little depressed.
I think he starts thinking and remembering when he sees the broadcast.
I think he has some strong feelings about how he used to spend time together with everyone at church.

It is hard to realize these things.
He knows that he can't participate in the activities that normal kids his age can, and he still feels some longing for those times when he was able to.

Holidays are fun for healthy people, but they are complicated for people like Hajime who cannot move or eat or speak.

We are looking forward to the day that God will allow Hajime to have a real holiday.

(translated by MS)