Sep 28, 2011

So cute!

Hajime was so tired today.

When I got to be in time for the meeting,
Hajime was sleeping like an angel with a lovely smile!
I felt guilty to wake him up, so I let him sleep.
Meanwhile, a speech therapist and nurses continued to visit us one after another,
but Hajime kept on sleeping.
Even when CNA came to askif he would take a shower or not,
he was silent.

But at one point, I thought, "something is funny with him",
and called his name from the side of his face.
Hajime opened his eyes as if he woke up suddenly for the first time,
but he was grinning unnaturally.
I found out he was absolutely AWAKE all the way!
Again Hajime acted like a little boy.
He's so cuteラブラブ

In today's meeting, we talked about
a custom-made wheelchair arriving tomorrow to be used by Hajime only.
Finally we've got one.
Since Hajime has been reluctant to wake up these days,
we hope he will like his own wheelchair and ride it every day.

His weight increased again and now he's at 112lb.
How wonderful!
But he says he wants to gain more weight
so that he would not hurt his tailbone.
We are so happy about this weight increase.

We talked about the following matters.

We will have to decide to leave hospital,
and we have to talk about 24-hour training.

Today, he's bleeding from the trach tube.
We hope it's nothing but we are worried about it.

Translated by YT

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