Sep 17, 2011

Having a connection

Recently, maybe from the exhaustion of these 3 months, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything to write on the blog.

Yesterday, Ms. Nakamura from Rafu Shinpo sent me the picture that she took, saying that it’s a great shot. Please take a look.
You could see how we have a connection right?

A mother and child are deeply connected.
I could tell what he’s thinking with eye contact or a little conversation.
I love my children so dearly, so dearly,,,

Today’s the weekly trach exchange day.
Hajime got the medication to calm his nerves, but he had an even tougher time today.
There were so many things that happened right before it, so Hajime was nervous.
A trach exchange through that was very difficult for Hajime.
Today, his father did the exchange though.

Later, Steve brought another drawing.
The drawing today was wonderful again.

Thank you so much for bringing the drawings all the time.

And after that, he was playing games on Xbox again.
He’s getting used to using the controller and it looked like he was having a lot of fun.

Translated by CS

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