Sep 4, 2011

Exchanging the trachostomy by myself

Today is was that weekend again and I was worried, but a good nurse was working today so the day went by peacefully.

Usually, Hajime doesn’t shower when we are not there, but today he did even if we weren’t there.
I was really surprised! It was good news.

Last night we both went home, but because we have so many things like boxes to unpack and other various things that we have to do, we get to the hospital late no matter how hard we try to get there earlier. We’re grateful that Hajime is very understanding of such matters.

As soon as we arrived we had to exchange the trach tube that we couldn’t do yesterday. First we get the medicine and 30 minutes later we do the exchanging. Up until now one of us pulled the tube out and one of us inserted it. But today one of us had to do it on our own and it was my turn so I was very nervous. But I was able to do it just fine.

First I get the tie of the trach ready and then check the cuff by inflating and deflating it. Next I put a watery gel on the trach. And then as I take the trach tie off, I get ready to take the ventilator off and I deflate the cuff. At that time there’s a lot of fluid that comes out of his mouth so I suction it right away.
Right after I quickly take the ventilator off, I take the old trach and insert the new trach. And I quickly put the ventilator back on. And get air in the cuff and inflate it. Then tie the trach, put some gauze in.
And I’m finished!

I was pretty nervous, but I’m glad it was over without a problem.

Hajime was very nervous, and he was sweating profusely. For Hajime it seems like today’s the worst day, weekly. But I think there’s less infection ever since he started to do this trach exchange so it really is an important day.

Translated by CS

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