Sep 10, 2011

The controller is used by his toes!

The MANY carton boxes... Today, my friend came to help us unpack the
carton boxes.

This made us late to go to the hospital. But Hajime has called us using
Facetime of iPad. And we enjoyed communication with Hajime using
Facetime of Papa's iPhone.

It is really amazing! I was really astonished by Hajime's greatness. I
was so excited when he contacted me through Facebook, but this Facetime
was worth to standing ovation.

After we went to the hospital we did some video games again. Of course
Hajime was enjoying it using his toes to control the controller.

Isn't is great that he can fight equal agains to his younger brother,
Ryo? Hajime is the one knowing from A to Z about this game!

Ryo was enjoyoing being taught many ways to enjoy. When Hajime is going
practice more, he can do more and more things... Yes, I am the mother
again amazed by her own son.

Translated by STK

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