Sep 13, 2011

An Anxious after discharge

We got a crack in our car window, and it was expanding. So, we took the
car to fix it again. Therefore, it took a while to go to the hospital

Hajime has done some Facetime with Papa, and I have heard the position of the cam was not so good. But his toes were so active, Papa said. He asked Hajime "did you take a bath?" and Hajime replied a thumb up with his toes saying "Yes, Dad." Woonderful!

Day by day, by doing communication with his toes, Hajime is getting more cheerful. I am so happy seeing him. It is really inevitable to take communication with people around, I thought again.

Today, we talked about discharge with Hajime.

We have applied to the Medi-cal insurance. But it was rejected because we have not been working for 10 years by the time our child became 18years old. We could get the Green Card soon after we moved to the States, and that was much earlier than usual. Even the hospital was surprised about it.

Therefore, we could not arrange anything for 24hours care. We do not have enough budget for hiring nurse. Hajime wants to go home and gets discharged, but he has contradicted feeling because he is afraid of the situation now, if he does. My husband and I are ready to take care of him, though.

I hope everything goes well...

Well, Hajime's Grandmother he is longing to meet to is coming from Japan. Hajime seemed deeply happy. This was the wish he had long time...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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