Sep 9, 2011

Somewhat not fine...

Today's Hajime was not really fine. It seemed he was really tired because he was not really well in his physical condition.

After 11Am, we had an interview with Medi-Cal people, he went to shower earlier, around 10AM. I was doing Ambu bag for the whole session, during the shower. It made my hands in pain! Because it moves lungs for breathe, it needs a lot of spring power. I considered it too easy, now I knew.

After the shower, the interviewer came to Hajime's room to ask his disease in details. It is very difficult about Medi-Cal, so I really hope this programme goes well.

After that interview, a speech therapist came and see how Hajime use tobii. The therapist was amazed when Hajime was using well with the eye control to type and see Youtube.

But it takes a little while to confirm the alphabet, for Hajime, it seemed easier using his toes.

Today it was more than usual we had suction from his trach, and the secretion is thick. I hope his Oxgen level would not get decreased.

Tonight he got early sleep again. He is taking Meletony, which lasts sleep, and it seems he can relax when he takes it and gradually getting into sleep. With having chat screen of FB in front of himself - :)

Translated by STK

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