Sep 10, 2011

I like his childlikeness

Hajime smiled at me, who’s been sleeping over two days in a row.

When I see this smile, I really get energy seeping up from the bottom of my heart.

Hajime still acts like a little boy a lot of times.
When the CNA came in to shower him, Hajime acted like he was sleeping. He did it skillfully so the CNA was completely fooled.
“Wow, he’s still sleeping” and the CNA left the room once.
And Hajime opens his eyes with a smirk on his face.
So I said “Oh, you were u~p”.
I like this childlikeness about him.
And the CNA that came later said, “Hey, you’re up!”And we all laughed.
It makes me happy when the sound of laughter fills the room.
This too is because of Hajime.

In the morning he was enjoying youtube using tobii.

Hajime’s like this here, but he had a tough time in the afternoon.

Today, after he studies with his teacher, he had to get his weekly trach exchange.
Today was his father’s turn.
30 minutes before the time to do the exchange, he got medication to relax and through that time his father was nervous. He was asking me, “What order was it?”
But when it was actually time to do it, he changed the trach tube like a pro. Wow!
Good job!!
On the other end though, Hajime had a very tough time because he was so scared.
After the exchange, he was exhausted,,,,,.

At night, his heart rate went over 140 and he looked like he was having a hard time and I,,,,.

Tomorrow everybody’s coming over to help me unpack so I couldn’t stay over and I came home, but I’m worried about Hajime. I wonder if he’s okay.

Translated by CS

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