Sep 27, 2011

I will try to catch up asap

I took Granny and Auntie and Yuta to LAX. 2weeks have passed like a
moment and Hajime must feel so sad about it. I really wish them coming
to see him again.

This stay was funded by Mr. Stu, who gave us budget going back to Japan,
and we used it this time. But I really want everyone's help so that they
can come to the States again. Please please cooperate with us. And those
who give help to us, thank you very much.

After finishing seeing them off from the Airport, went back to Hajime's
hospital. He welcomed me with his warm smile as usual.

"I sent them off. They said they would come again, so let's wait for
another time" and he replied with us with smiling blinks.

And we talked about the future with Hajime. Firstly, about discharge.
There are two options. One is to go home. Demerit is this would not have
help from nurses. The other is to transfer to another hospital for long
term having 24hours care. What Hajime wanted was to "Go home."

Now it is difficult for us to hope for the care nurse. So my husband and
I have to take care of him. With having another 2 children, it must be
very difficult and troublesome, but we will do our best. For hiring a
care nurse, our budget is shortage... again, but we need your help.
Sorry but please help our family!

The other thing I talked with Hajime was if he rely on our decision
about treatment. If he wants to have the informed consent, he needs to
have explanation of each situation in each steps. It is going to be a
matter if he wants to know. About this, Hajime told me that he does not
need to have explanations about every single matter. He said he would
know gradually when time comes. But I told him, although the decision
would be done by us, he can reject it, and we would not force him to
obey to us.

The most important thing is to let him spend happy days.
So, we have to stand firm, I thought again

Translated by STK

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