Sep 16, 2011

An Interview from Rafu Shimpo

We had an interview by Rafu Shimpo --

We tried to be there around noon. But Hajime had the bath time at that
moment, and had an appointment of PT session at 1 PM. So, it was a bit

While that time, Nakamura san from Rafu shimpo asked us about what has
happened so far. We never looked back about this 3months because were so
busy to do it. Yet, when we think about it, we notice we have passed
many things...

And my mother and elder sister was replying to the question "what was
the biggest anxiety amongst everything?" saying they worried about me
the most. I really thanked them worrying about me that much.

After that, we went to Hajime, and started an interview to him. Hajime
must have been tired for many reasons, but he replied with smiles for
the whole interview sessions.

During the interview, we showed how he did for conversation by tobii,
browsing Facebook through iPad and things like that. It seemed like he
was appealing how he had fun, encouragement and cheers with what.

After the long interview, Hajime seemed happy with seeing our relaxing

More than anything, because visit of Hajime's favorite granny and auntie
sis to the States was his dream, we really appreciated it came true.

To Mr. Stu and everyone, with their support, their visit to the States
came true. I am really happy for this.

I really thank you to all of you. Really, really thank you very much.

(Translator's memo: Rafu Shimpo is a newspapers for Japanese residents
in LA. This newspaper interviewed to Hajime in the past, too.)

Translated by STK

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