Sep 23, 2011

Much Secretion...

For yesterday's article, some people gave their views to me. Thank you
very much.

Although I am a mother, still a human. It is difficult to be strong,
although being said that I should be strong, of course. I do not cry
over in front of Hajime everyday. So I will walk this path with my own
pace. Best thing is not being nervous too much, as things are going to
be long way.

Hajime had a short breath today again, several minutes before we reached
there. Although Hajime does not want it, secretion is increasing. This
became an issue at the meeting, and resulted to have suction every 2hours.

The biggest anxiety of Hajime is secretion. Today was really bad. And we
worry if my husband and I can do quick treatment for him.

Translated by STK

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