Nov 5, 2013

Hajime’s condition

This is Hajime’s condition since then.

Lately, his blood pressure and heart rates rises around noon. 
We are giving a medication to lower his heart rates, which reduce stress on his heart. Other than that, he is spending his time without any problem.

Yet, since his eyes do not move, it is hard to tell if he could see or not, so using Brainfingers would be hard as well.

When he is crying, it is hard to tell if he is crying because he is in pain, or that he is crying because he feels down. We feel bad by not being able to understand why he is crying. 

Right now, Hajime is facing the difficulty of not being able to have communication with us. It seems that right now, he is trying his best to overcome this difficulty.  

Please continue to pray for Hajime. 

(translated by RA)

Nov 4, 2013

A message from God

Today I went to the church where I know the pastor really well. People at this church are all Japanese, and all are very warm. Everybody at this church prays for Hajime. Of course, many people, and people from different churches also are praying for him. It is so appreciating. Thank you very much. 

During the service, I felt God’s existence. He was standing by Hajime’s bed, and lifting Hajime up by putting His hands on Hajime’s back. Hajime’s face looked very refreshed and was just waking up. That scene was very warm, and orange light was pouring on. At that moment, I realized that it is alright to cry at God’s present. Then my tears welled up.  

Immediately, I noticed that next to Hajime, there is always God’s presence.
I felt that God is carrying forward Hajime’s life in the very best way. “Hajime is being led by God…” I felt that way. I myself was the one who was being surrounded by God’s comfort, and my heart was softened. 

Going to any direction would be fine! Because God is with us...

(translated by RA)