Sep 8, 2011

It might be an infection again.

For the past few days, his heart rate is higher than usual and more fluids so we’ve had to suction it out many times. The fluid is thick so we suction it over and over again.

He might have a slight infection.
The color of the secreted fluid is a bit greenish, there’s more of it and his heart rate is up.
There is a possibility of an infection, I believe.
It might be from the lethargy that Hajime’s feeling that his exhaustion stands out.
Today he had too much fluid, so I guess they didn’t have the PT either.
I’m worried about when he gets home.

The new semester started and the teacher from Orange County comes to visit Hajime. He only had 30 minutes to spend and today they did math on the tobii together.
…well, they were very simple math problems.

I was really glad to see that his daily life that consisted of watching TV has sort of changed into a life with a little bit of studying.

Steve came by again.
He always comes with a beautiful drawing that he drew for Hajime.

Hajime was very interested in this wonderful home schooling.
Steve, thank you so much!

Hajime slept early tonight, I wonder what kind of dream he’s dreaming about?
He must’ve been tired from the many things that happened during the day. If he can’t sleep at night too, he’s going to be too tired.

I wonder if he could spend tomorrow in good condition?

Oh yes, by the way, that bug is still in the restroom.
I wonder if they sprayed it.
…….I was an anxious mother as I slept next to Hajime.

Translated by CS

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