Sep 7, 2011

Outbreak of Insects

Hajime was in good health today as well.
Until I came, he was playing with FB.
We were able to chat, "I can be there around noon today".
It's so nice to have a communication like this with Hajime.

Above all, I find it great that he learned to handle tobii freely.
I've heard that he has mastered how to control it with his eyes.
That's how he practiced on and on, and now he can access Youtube
and see the videos there.

By the way, let me tell you something frightening...

Many insects broke out today.
They were bugs with wings, and I found a lot of them in the public bathroom.
They were around the light on the ceiling, and those bugs were flying even in the rooms.
I was really surprised.
I was in a big confusion but anyway, I called a nurse.
After that, came a person who is in charge of exterminating bugs.
H got a sample, and came back saying he would kill those birds with insecticide tomorrow.

The insects came to the beds we sleep on.
Sadly, we had to give up staying at the hospital today.
Sorry, Hajime!
We have to be patient until they are going to get rid of them.

Anyway, isn't it strange that a lot of bugs break out in a hospital?
Besides, I wish they could have dealt with it more immediately right after such an accident happens...

Translated by YT

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