Aug 31, 2014

Very nice his hair style

Hajime got a hair cut today. His hair style changed to a more popular style.

Usually Kumiko cuts Hajime's hair. Thank you very much.
She is a well known hair salon manager. Sounds good!!

Translated by Hozue

Aug 29, 2014

He has a fever

Hajime had a fever today.
His temperature was 100.8F.
I gave a Tylenol but temperature was not going down for a while.

He looks having really hard time when he has a fever.
I asked him "Are you having a hard time right now?", and he said "Yes" replied with his eyes.
His body was too much hot!!!

Recently his left eye lid is closed.
I don't know why exactly but probably his dry eye or disease progressed on his eye lid.
He is keep fighting for ALS. Right now his right eye is open but just half.

I want to say "hang in there" to him but considering that he is already fighting very hard
for this terrible disease, I really can't say that.
On top, even I don't say so, I'm sure he know what I want to say.

Translated by HM

Aug 22, 2014

Hajime's fund

Hajime's friends Ice bucket challenge

Hajime's brother Ryo had ice bucket challenge few days ago.

Our best friends Steve Blum and Kari Wahlgren did ice bucket challenge.
Also talking about Hajime's story. Thank you so much your love and peace.
And Hajime's friends did ice bucket challenge too. It was Amazing!!

ALS is terrible disease. Hajime's all muscle is not moving anymore.
Really hard things. Hajime was crying so many times.
But Hajime keep fighting with ALS.

I wish a lot of people want have a knowing about ALS.

Translated by Hozue

Aug 18, 2014

Hajime is a person of virtue

Today, friends of the church youth of Hajime came to my house.
Girls seemed to enjoy the college of each.

Hajime is a person of virtue. It is loved by a lot of people really.
In response to the love of you, Hajime is hang in there.

It is thankfully really.

Translated by Hozue