Sep 2, 2011

Managing of the Medicine?

The maker of tobii came today and made many adjustments.
There’s a stand for the bed, but it was too low and we thought that it can’t be used on the bed, but we found out that we can use it in a different way, so Hajime was able to start using it.

Using the eye system, he was able to enjoy Youtube, take pictures and have conversations.
He still needs some time to get the hang of it, but seeing him being able to talk to the nurse using tobii, I felt glad.

After that, Paul came to the hospital.
He brought him a wonderful gift and Hajime seemed really happy!
He has a special appreciation of gLee and he still hasn’t taken off the wrist band.
Thank you so~ much for the wonderful present!

Every Friday is when we exchange the trach tube.
I headed for the hospital after I picked up the kids from school, so it was dusk.
Right after I arrived, Hajime prepared his heart for it right away and when we were ready to go we called the RT.

Hajime was supposed to take some medication from 30 minutes before the procedure starting from this time because he has so much fear. So we asked for the medication. But no matter how long we wait, the medication didn’t come,,,and when we asked the nurse, she just said “We’re looking for it now” again and again. The time was past 6 o’clock, but the medication still didn’t come.
Well, it seems like the medication that they had ordered came to the hospital once, but they sent it back. And they ordered for the medication to be delivered again…is what they said.
After that, the RT came in to tell us that it was scheduled to be delivered at 7pm.
But it didn’t come on time.
It didn’t come after 8 o’clock, it didn’t come after 9 o’clock.

I question this.
They knew that Hajime’s scheduled to exchange his tube today from this morning, so why did they realize that they didn’t have the medication until late in the day? Hospital management isn’t done properly. I don’t think this type of mishandling should happen in a medical facility. Management of medicine is critical! Even though Hajime felt scared, he finally decided to do it, but because they didn’t have the medication, we couldn’t exchange the tube.

I want to hurry up and take him home, but no such plans in the near future.
Unless we get that medical…..

Translated by CS

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