Sep 6, 2011

To be independent

Today is a holiday, Labor day.
But for Hajime and us it was no different than any other.

For the past few days, Hajime has been spending the night by himself.
I have been exhausted so I have been allowed to go home.

But maybe that was good because Hajime can shower now without us being there.
This is a progress that the nurse was even surprised.

Hajime’s independence in the hospital is a big step forward. Communication with the nurse and the doctor is very important.
And if we continue to keep telling what Hajime wants to say, his will and anything else will not be conveyed to others any longer.

Hajime get’s medication because he has difficulty sleeping, but truthfully he just wants to do facebook on iPad because the time to go to sleep is early. But because he thinks that he’ll get in trouble if he says so to the doctor or his father, he won’t say anything.

He told me secretively, but at times like this I feel like just telling his doctor and his father. But it’s best if Hajime does this type of communication himself. Or else he won’t be able to communicate and build a relationship of trust.

I told Hajime, … to go on and tell the Doctor himself next time. I told him that the doctor and everybody around Hajime are thinking about how he could spend his everyday comfortably so if Hajime says that he wants to do it a certain way, they’ll think of it accordingly.

So the rest is up to Hajime.
It would be good if he just talks to them when we’re not there or something.

Oh yes, please take a look at these pictures.

His sister loves her big brother dearly, and to communicate he puts his foot on Yuki’s face like this. This is Hajime’s expression of love.

When I see this, it makes me happy.

Everybody loves him.

Translated by CS

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