Sep 5, 2011

Can't find the wrist band!

We had a lot of visitors today. Hajime seemed really happy.

His Hischool mate was so amazed and interested in Hajime playing games
with his toes. Everyone was excited about. Look, their eyes are looking
at the game screen downwards.

I feel so happy for Hajime feeling he wants to do something by his own.
It must be because he got some space for his feelings. Maybe because
though iPad, he can communicate with friends, he got more confident in
himself that he can do something like this.

Yes you are still very potential! As his mom, I think so.

On the other hand, we had very sad news. The wrist band he really
treasured was lost. He even does not remember when, and being shocked
significantly. Maybe a nurse or a CNA of the night shift threw it away.

This wrist band was a precious memory of Hajime when he visited the
location set of "glee." He needed to put it on when he enter the place.
Since then, he put it all the time, when he was hospitalized, during
operation, we assured to the doctors saying "please do not cut or throw
it away, it is precious for him."

Not only Hajime, of course but we were really shocked.

But the memory is always in your heart.
No one can take it away... you can hold it in your heart...

I told Hajime as if I told to myself.

But it was really shocking anyway...

Translated by STK

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