Jun 12, 2011

The Power of Friends

Hajime’s classmate came to see him in the morning.  His name is Mark.   Since Hajime was moved into the hospital, he often visited and encouraged Hajime.  As he knew Hajime could not speak well, he always has spoken to.  He is such kind-hearted.  

Mark and Hajime promised to do exercise, and Mark showed up this morning to fulfill the promise. 

Even though Hajime did not feel good at all both mentally and physically until yesterday, Hajime agreed and said “please raise my body” with no hesitation.  Three of us, nurse, husband and Mark, moved him into the chair.  Hajime did not make him look painful at all, and they responded each other with thumbs-up.   What a heartwarming scene!      
I realized how powerful friendship is.  Thank you very much, Mark & Alice!!!

I have happy news today.

Although we were once advised that Hajime would have to have an operation again, it appears that it is not the case now. Since we expected the major operation, his leaving hospital was supposed to be delayed at least by a couple of weeks. Now only the simple surgical operation is necessary, it can be conducted at ICU he is now in.   The tubes in the lungs will be removed and it shall bring him some pain, however I hope he can be patient. 

It is quite important that he would feel strong inside to withstand.   As he can watch TVs soon, I hope he will feel relieved.   I am very happy as I will be able to see his happy face. 

(translated by YM & RM)

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