Jun 20, 2011

Checks Pay to the Order of

Thank you everybody for always reading this blog.
We are also grateful for all of the cards and donations.
I’d like to take the opportunity to apologize here for not being able to reply in a timely manner.
As soon as Hajime is out of the hospital, I am planning to reply one by one, so please have patience with me.
We have been receiving donations from many people, but we haven’t been able to process some of them
 due to the checks having been written out incorrectly.
From now on, please write the checks as below.
Checks are to be payable to…
Hiromasa Miyasaka
On the memo, located on the bottom of the check where it says “For”…..
Hajime’s Fund.
Previously, we have been requesting for the checks to be payable to FUMC,
but we can no longer accept checks written out to that name.
For that reason, please write the checks payable as described in the above.
And there are some checks written out to Hajime’s Fund, which is supposed to be written in the memo.
With that name we can’t process it. For those that have given us a check written out to Hajime’s Fund,
we have been returning the checks by mail to be corrected, so please do not make that mistake.
We are truly helped extensively by everybody’s support. We can only go through this because we have your support.
We sincerely thank you very much for always supporting us.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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