Jun 14, 2011

He may have an operation tomorrow...

I am thankful to everyone reading this blog. Supported like this from
every one of you, we can go on. Thank you very much.

Today's Hajime was watchig TV all day long. He really concentrated on
watching movies one and another... But when we think he recovered to
be able to concentrate on movies, we feel graceful.

This morning, we had a talk with the doctor about an operation. Hajime
has to have the proper operation, still. And it may be tomorrow.

The tube is inserted to the place of air leaks from his lung. And it
has been days already. It was not healed completely. One day better
and again air escapes to outside, found by Xray. It made us upset.

So, it does not make him good, the next operation will insert a
camera, watch and seal the lung by chemicals. I hope him to be
recovered by this operation as soon as possible.

This operation risks not higher than regular operations. So we try to
get over this with faith in God protecting him.

Around noon, Hajime had a physical therapy session. He tried hard and
sitting on a chair for an hour. Longest time so far. He broke the

But today, he appealed his difficulty many times, and we were anxious.
Yet, we endured because it was only his plus it was a little bit more
than usual rate. So, told him "little more, a little more" to let him
stand there. He made it!

Right now, it is important for him to make a move, I want him to try
even a little bit day by day.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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