Jun 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It is Hajime’s daddy’s birthday.  Hajime asked dad to pass him iPad.   He wondered what Hajime would do with iPad and looked into the screen and then found the very delightful words. 

Happy Birthday

This touched his heart very much and he was crying.   Since Hajime has been laying on the bed all the time with no sense the day of the week, he was not supposed to remember this day… but he did even without being told by anybody. What a kind boy he is.   Dad was encouraged and lifted up with Hajime’s smiling face. 

Hajime had the X-Ray exam and it was found that the air-leakage/ hole on his lung is getting larger.  Although we once thought no operation would be necessary, it might be needed because of this. The major operation increases the success rate though.  Like joining the lungs to the wall to keep air coming away . We have been told that this could happen again later he get back home so we have to consider that too. Hope the impact is minimal considering how he recovers.   

Hajime looked happy all the day with many visitors today.  He is very happy as he has many friends. 

Dear Hajime’s friends. Thank you always for your kindness. 

(translated by YM & RM)

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