Jun 30, 2011

It has been 1months since Hajime's hospitalized

It has been already 1month today, since Hajime was hospitalized. Time
really flies. But Hajime's disease progressed a lot in this one month.
When he came to the hospital, he walked by his own, he could lift his
neck by his own, and he was breathing by himself.

But now...
It is too sad reality.

Yet, we are very happy because his discharge seems comes closer!

Hajime's doctor's duty in ICU finishes today and transfer to the other
department. ICU doctors also have transfers... From the time Hajime's
hardship till now, he has been close watching Hajime so much, and did
his best for Hajime. We really appreciate him.

We took pictures of Hajime with the doctor. Look, he looks very great,
doesn't he?


We are really glad and thankful to encounter this doctor.

Today, Hajime was doing very good and cheerfully smiling a lot. We had
many visitors Hajime loves, so his smile shone more!


We are really encouraged by visitors. Thank you all visited him!

I put cards for Hajime on the wall. Look at this. Cards are plenty
enough to cover the wall. But this is just a part. We have more cards,
even we don't have enough space to put all of them. When I see this, I
just respect a person, Hajime.


Although we have put them, we got an announcement that Hajime would be
transferred to telemetry. So, we had to displace them soon.

Anyway, we left ICU. This section is less urgent and a little bit more
intensive care than general wards. And Hajime got a private room.

He's transferred to the better section, so a little more patience till

We also have to do our best for trainings.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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