Jun 4, 2011

The Power of a Smile

Today, just like yesterday, he had his ventilator off and spent the day time without it.
But he had some symptoms of a cold and started to have a fever.
We cooled his body down with an ice pack and he took some fever reducer
and his fever gradually went down.
It maybe because it was Saturday, that the hospital was quieter than usual.
Regardless, the doctor came to the room for a brief moment.
The doctor came and said that because Hajime’s oxygen level is good,
 he is considering taking him off the ventilator during the day time starting from tomorrow.
 I asked him the question, “What about night time?”
 He said it as if it’s a matter of fact, “It is necessary”…
Just as I thought, from now on he must have the ventilator on at night.
Ever since Hajime’s been hospitalized through the ER,
his expression has changed greatly. I think the disease is progressing
much more than we can imagine.
Even then, Hajime thinks for us and smiles for us. He is worrying about me and how I feel,
so he calls me over to hold my hand and smile.
That effect is tremendous. I really get healed.
The power of a smile is great!
I guess even we are starting to show signs of exhaustion.
I want go home with Hajime ASAP.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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