Jun 6, 2011

Insterting a tube at Hajime's Lung

Hajime's condition was changed to be very bad though it was relatively
good till yesterday.

Without a sleep we had this morning. Hajime felt so hot and troubled.
So we tried to cool his heated body down by water with ice and so on.
Maybe because he had fever a little bit. As he got fever everyday and
bad colour of secretion had him take an examination. The result told
us he was infected to something. So, Hajime was prescribed to have
some anti-biotics.

This morning, we had OT/PT visit, and Hajime had a practice to stand
up and walk. He could move very smooth!

But soon after that practice, Hajime felt difficult to breath, so
prepared to lay him down on the bed. We let him take rest on the bed
as soon as the preparation was done.

Hajime's condition got worse, and told us that he has a pain around
his lung. Around 2PM, doctors came to his room all at once, and he
told us his lung problem. They told us Hajime has a small hole in his
right lung. This caused air leaking that makes his right lung became
small and disfunction. They also told us it needed a minor surgery.
While we were talking, Hajime had a significant pain in his lung, and
it let an emergency operation to be done.

A tube was inserted to his right lung with around 1/3 inch of hole.
This tube would function to draw the air from the lung. And adjust the
size of his both left and right of lung to the same. After that, this
tube will be withdrawn.  Yet... it will take another few days to

Hajime's body has been worn-out... I cannot see him like that. Feeling
so sorry and pity... He could not take ventilator out in the end,

Discharge from the hospital has been put off day by day. I pray for
him being able to accept the reality going against from his hope.

Hajime, let's get better soon and go home together!!

(Translated by Satoko Okamoto)

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