Jun 26, 2011

A Moment of Happiness

Today, there were two joyous things.

One, they took the tube out of his chest.
Because of the problems with his lungs, we couldn’t take the tube out for a while after the surgery.
This tube has been increasing Hajime’s pain.
But now we just have to wait for his wound to heal.

I get really blissful when I think that the day to leave the hospital maybe coming soon.

And the other thing is, our family was finally able to reunite. !

Up until now, Hajime has been going through some sensitive periods and Yuki who’s 7 years old couldn’t enter the ICU. But, the nurse for today was Hajime’s favorite nurse.
His name is Joe.

We asked if it’s okay to bring in the children, and he answered right away, “Sure!”
I was so happy.

And the person who brought my children to the hospital was Paul.
If he wasn’t there for us, my children couldn’t have come to the hospital.
Thank you so much!

With the help of these people, a moment of family time was realized.
Hajime looked so happy~.

Because of the nurse we were able to spend a fairly long time as a family, and Hajime kept on having eye conversations with his brother, Ryo. They were holding hands for a long time….It was very lovely……The two of them were shining brightly together.

I think by seeing his family, it has stirred in him the desire, “I want to go home!”
Up until now, he has lost much of his confidence, and in his mind he was thinking that he’ll probably never be able to walk or sit. He didn’t have confidence to go home…
But that Hajime was crying saying that he’s lonely and he wants to go home.
I thought again that it’s important that the family is able to unite.

After the moment of happiness, there were the sad good-byes.
“Hang in there brother!” It is immeasurable how much Hajime was encouraged by these words.
As soon as they left, he started to have big tears flowing.
It was the same as the time that we left after he was hospitalized.
He had big tears streaming down and was telling us that he’s lonely…
They were the same tears.
I think from the bottom of his heart, felt lonely.
And that feeling led him to have the courage, “I’m going to get better soon and go home!”

We truly spent a precious time together.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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