Jun 2, 2011

Third Day in the ICU

To Everybody,
Thank you for the many encouragements and prayers that you’ve given for Hajime.
It has already been 3 days since he’s been admitted into the ICU.
Hajime is still on a ventilator.
His breathing is still too weak to take it off.
He’s been hospitalized this time because on Tuesday night he couldn’t breathe and for a time was in a very dangerous state.
But luckily, because we were at a different location in the hospital we were able to get him treated at the ER quickly and his life was saved. I am really glad.
The next day we couldn’t decide whether or not to have the operation, but because my son woke up past noon and he agreed to have it done, he had the operation a few hours later.
However, because of this surgery, my son had lost his voice.
There are many different types of tracheotomy tubes, but the one Hajime has is the type without the function to let him use his voice. They are going to watch and see how he does post surgery and consider if he could switch to a different type.
Yesterday he practiced sitting as a part of practicing to get up. It’s only been 2 days since the surgery, and it seemed like he had pain in the operated area so an hour was the maximum he could do.
His neck muscle had weakened very much and it seemed like he was having a tough time trying to get his posture upright.
Today, he will practice walking. He’s been spending a few days in the bed so I am worried that his muscles had weakened. But he wants to walk so I’m thinking it would be good for him to have some change.
It seems like he has to stay here for awhile. He’s really depressed about this.
Because he has no voice, his lips just move…
“I want to go home,” and tears were falling.
I am praying that Hajime would be able to leave the hospital ASAP, for Hajime’s sake also.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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