Jun 16, 2011

Exchanging the tube of tracheotomy

Today, the day after the operation, Hajime seemed he has a lot of pain
from his wound and had painkiller injections many time to hung on.

He put the ventilator only at night usually, but he needed it after
operation yesterday until 10:30AM this morning. When he takes it off,
his breath is disturbed and it seems a lot  troubled.

But it will be more trouble after going home if he cannot get used to
it. I hope he will, even gradually.

Hajime shake me and dad's hands strongly and telling his feelings with
his eyes. Sometimes it makes me in tears when I see his very saddened
eyes. I cannot feel sorry enough for him. But sometimes Hajime stares
at us hard with smiles, and it encourages us... Hajime is very kind

How is it?
Even after the operation Hajime shows us his everyday smile. I am
really relieved whenever I see his face like this.

Today, Hajime needed to change his tube of tracheotomy to a little bit
smaller size. It seemed proceeded easily. But Hajime was trembled very
much. It must have terrified him. It was also shocking for us seeing a
hole opened at his throat. The shock was beyond our expectation. We
again felt he was doing his best.

After changing the tube, he was troubled breathing, oxygen level got
down, and we were all anxious about that. Yet Hajime managed to get
back to normal, so finally we were all happy.

But... after going home may be really difficult.

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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