Jun 18, 2011

What kind of dream is it?

This morning round time, Hajime sat on the bed. The doctor put the
Headmaster properly to his neck to make it sit on the corset. So he
could sit without bending his neck. He sat with very beautiful

But because his neck was bent many days, it was difficult for him to
make it straight. So he had to straighten his neck little by little.

Hajime was crying. He was afraid, and felt bad being made it put on
and sit, maybe. He must felt very difficult.

Yet, we harden our heart and talked to him because we wanted him to get up.

We cry automatically whenever we see his tears. It is the most
difficult time now. However we want Hajime to stand up with courages,
though he lost happiness even to stand up now.

It is very hard to see Hajime changed completely.

But today, we had a little thing like this.

Since he got hospitalized, he couldn't sleep well because he gets up
to even a small sound. But, Hajime could sleep from the evening. The
sleeping face was the same when he was very young... very supple
hearted face, and sleeping.

Then, Hajime smiled while he was sleeping. A very cheerful smile. What
kind of dream he is in, I thought. It saddened me, when I thought it
must be the dream he could move freely.  Hajime must be disappointed
when he woke up, knowing his reality, I thought.

I really feel sorry for Hajime. My God, please, please save Hajime.

I want Hajime to hope for his life though his body does not move freely, now.

Hajime, because you are wonderful...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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