Jun 12, 2011

Everyone Loves You!

Today's Hajime was not really well. We had a thing like this...

Hajime told about the trachemostomy operation he had the day after he
went to ER.

I did not want to get this thing from the first place.
I was pressured meaning emotion.
On friday if you remember, I had to decide about this thing.
I said no but she (Hajime's doctor) thought that I said yes.

Hajime did not want to put it on. While he was half asleep because of
anesthesia, his answer was NO. I told him we did not know what
happened to his life without the trachemostomy operation... But he
could not accept it. "Ok then, now."........

He was hurt deeply. Already it is there, so we cannot do anything
about it. But if I could not reply to him better...? I feel so bad
about myself.

I do not know how I could tell him.....

Due to this thing, he was upset all day long. But some great thing
happened to cheered him up.

This evening, Cheri and Erica came to meet him. And let him join the
party by the high school club through Skype. This party was for
Hajime, but because he was hospitalized, and could not join. Instead,
through Skype, he could meet everyone.

As soon as he was on the screen, "wooo" and "aaaah" were came out from
them. They encouraged Hajime. One by one, came in front of camera and
gave him messages.

I was in tears.
I was so happy knowing Hajime is loved by everyone so much.

Hajime put on King's costume!

Look at his smile!

It was really great seeing such a great smile of his!
Hajime Loves Everyone, too!!!

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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