Jun 10, 2011

He made great effort to walk

Hajime could hardly sleep... Only around 2hours he could sleep last night.

This morning, as usual a doctor came to him and said "Let's walk at
the Physical Therapy! Good luck!" He was at a loss.

It is because of pain at the places inserting tube to his lung.
Because he had operations one after another, his scars seems trouble
him a lot.
The tube was placed between ribs, and around the tube's hole was
seemed to be the most sensitive area having a lot of nerves. So, it
must be painful, more than other places.

Therefore, just after the operation, he even could not get up or
walking. Because he did not do the therapy one day yesterday, the
doctor pushed him to do it.

He did not really feel like doing it, because he could not sleep
enough. But Hajime tried very hard.

Around the noon, PT came to him, and he got up with the headmaster.
Today, it was his father to get him up, so Hajime must have felt
comfortable and could get up. Of course it is with a lot of pain, so
with big tears came out from his eyes, though.

From the bet to the chair, walked for a few steps, and finally sad
down to the chair. He made it for 30minutes! Saying "I cannot do any
more..." But he did it so hard. Good Job!

After that, we took a rest. Although, we could not sleep at all.
Meanwhile, ALS specialized nurse came. While we were the waiting room,
we did not know, but the nurse came after seeing Hajime, and her eyes
were filled with tears. She said, when she took his hand and talked to
him, Hajime smiled to her... It must have been shocking for her seeing
Hajime totally changed, but she was also feeling so happy seeing his

Really, Hajime's smile has power.

This nurse recommended us to go to ER before, and she saved Hajime's
life. If she did not, we just got back home and he might have been
choked, and big accident might have happened. We cannot thank her

After that, the counselor always talks with him came to Hajime's room.
Considering his recent emotion, we requested for it. So, the counselor
came soon. For a while they talk a while for two. But it finished soon
because he cannot talk orally. Yet, the counsellor was also worried
about him.

One after another, so today many things happened. Hajime must be tired
a lot. I hope he can sleep soon. Before hospitalized, he needed a lot
of sleeps, so I feel so sorry for his condition now.

Please nurses, let him sleep tight tonight....

(Translated by Satoko Okamoto)

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