Jun 19, 2011

Thank You Dad

Today is Father’s Day.
Hajime used the speaking device on his iPad to tell something to his dad,
who was sleeping over from last night.
“Happy Father’s Day”
Dad was all in tears again….
Although Hajime isn’t keeping up with the days of the week,
it seems like he knew what day today was again.
To receive these words with Hajime’s smile is something that truly brings happiness,
isn’t it?
And Hajime had his hair washed last night. He had a very fresh expression on today.
The sitting position that the doctor told him to do twice a day on his bed.
He gave his effort from morning again.
Not only that, he was able to sit for 2 hours.
Although it’s on top of a bed it is still extremely strenuous to sit.
He also gets very nervous from a combination of the feeling of fear and the feeling of pain
when he gets the neck collar on him.
Every day is filled with challenge after challenge. I feel that in order to return to our daily life,
this is how he gradually gets stronger. And I pray that his feelings will turn much more upwards.
Tonight is my turn to stay overnight.
We always hold hands and talk about various things before we go to sleep and
today he was smiling over and over again. Making his face all bunched up…
It was truly a great moment.
I hope he could relax more tomorrow~.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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