Jun 5, 2011

He Was Able To Watch TV~!

Today is the 5th day since he’s been hospitalized.
At first I thought, “He’s going to be hospitalized for that long?”
But it went by quickly and we’re almost at the start of next week.
Hajime is recovering at the same rate as the days go by.
Today we took the ventilator off at an earlier time
than the day before and he breathed on his own till it was quite late.
However there’s dark colored drainage coming out of where the tracheotomy was done.
 It may be some sort of infection. The lab results should be back by tomorrow.
It may be because of that, he’s coughing and has a runny nose and I’m a little concerned
 but I’m hoping that he will get better while he’s in the hospital.
During the day, to let him have his wish of, “It’s been a while, I want to watch TV~”,
we watched TV. Up until now we were in no state to watch TV, but now we can.
 It made me happy to think about that. It’s Hajime’s favorite, History Channel.
The programs are about American History.
Today’s progress was this, TV viewing.
And again, today we had many visitors and Hajime looked very happy.
I thought that he is truly a loved child.
Even though he can’t speak, he has a silent conversation by looking at the person’s eyes.
How do I say, his eyes were very pure and shining.
It made me think that words follow from behind.
That it’s the heart that counts.
Don’t you think that’s wonderful?
And, and then we were moved to a different room at a late time today.
,,,well, but of course we’re still in an ICU.
The room that we were moved to is a little small and I felt bad for Hajime
that he will have to practice standing and walking in here.
But more than that, I hope he’ll be able to move to a general hospital room soon.
It would be so great if he recovers day by day and is able to go back to high school as a junior.
If he could see everybody……….

Translated by Christine Shirota

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