Jun 8, 2011

A House Inspection

Our youngest children Yuki's classmates made such a beautiful thing!

Thank you Grade 1 Students!

By the way... there are conditions for Hajime's discharge.

Unless we can pass an inspection about our house, which includes
security and electricity, Hajime cannot come back home.  Also this
process takes at least 5 days. The discharge has been extended more
and more.

Actually, we had the inspection today. To sum up, we failed.

Firstly, Hajime usually sleeps at a bunk bed. But they said it is out
of problem. Hajime has to have a medical bed (electric and hight
changeable). And he had to have a private room, they said. We have to
consider the case he wants to call someone. They told us not to put
anything at the corridor. Because if an emergency service comes to
carry him, it would be obstacles. So, those carton boxes in our house
had to be removed.

Also, our house is at the second floor. However, considering Hajime's
current condition, we have to find an apartment at the first floor. To
meet those conditions, we have to move to somewhere.

WE ARE IN TROUBL! The very situation like this.

I pray everything to be arranged.

(Translated by Satoko Okamoto)

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