Jun 15, 2011

The Surgery Went Well

On the day of the surgery, which is today, there were some problems with his breathing from morning
and for a time we were bustling about, but perhaps it was because of the sputum in his throat,
after removing it his breathing had settled.
For the past few days when we remove the ventilator in the morning that he uses during the night,
maybe because his breathing doesn’t catch up, he gasps and moves restlessly.
The problem with his breathing is a tough one.
After that he spent his time rather calmly and about 4 o’clock he went into the OR (Operating room).
It’s overwhelmingly sad to see Hajime go off into the OR.
I know he’ll come back safely, but I’m still worried.
Hajime also has a pure, straight face on the bed.
I tell him to, “Hang in there. (ganbatte!)” And I left the OR with my husband’s support.
Right about an hour later, the doctor gave us an explanation.
“The surgery went well.” I was so saved by these words…..
It’s because of everybody’s prayers. Thank you.
After that, he came back into the ICU.
His sleep was light and he was already complaining of pain.
I want him to sleep while the anesthesia is still working, but it seems like he’s become sensitive in various areas.
But he received pain reducer and he was able to sleep a little after that.
In this surgery they inserted a camera using the pipe that’s been attached, but now he has another new pipe.
They said they’ll take this pipe off in a few days so it’s just a little while longer that he has to withstand this pain.
But I’m really glad that the surgery went well without any problems.
I am deeply thankful for all the encouragements and prayers from everybody.
Translated by Christine Shirota

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