Jun 21, 2011

Tracheostomy with cuffed tube

Today, Hajime was able to spend the day good cheer.
The CT scan from last night did not show any problems. Of course I was relieved, as were the doctors.
It seems Hajime’s sleeping position, that is, if the pillow is under him up to his shoulder’s
it keeps his chin and neck area clear and the tracheal tube does not shift and is better.
The current tracheostomy is the type with a cuffed tube (balloon), which inflates without air escaping. 
When he is not on the respirator, the cuff is deflated.  During the times the cuff is deflated problems tend to occur.
Usually, when the cuff is deflated, there are fewer problems due to his secretion.  However in Hajime’s case it is the opposite.
When the cuff is inflated, he has less secretions, and he seems to cough less. 
He usually has less secretions in his mouth as well. However it is not good to leave the cuff inflated.
The advantage of having the cuff deflated is that he should be able to speak,
but Hajime has not made a sound for 20 days already so it is almost as if he has forgotten how to speak. 
He seems to have lost confidence.  But I want to hear his voice once again.
But, when the cuff is deflated, there is more coughing and a lot of secretions so this causes breathing problems. 
Even though the fluids are suction many times, he seems pretty miserable.
The doctor would like to change it to a uncuff type but it seems to be difficult.
Getting back to what I said earlier, the cuff was inflated today so he was able to have a good day without many problems.
Also, he will be spending tonight without the respirator.  In this way, I hope he will be able breathe more and more without the respirator.
Will he be able to continue until tomorrow?
Translated by Ethel Hoshi

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