Jun 27, 2011

He Just Wasn’t Up To It.

This morning Hajime was smiling when I visited the hospital.
But as I talked to him about his brother Ryo, he became sad again and he started crying again.
I talked to Ryo about Hajime’s tears last night and Ryo cried just like Hajime when he heard about it.
And I told Hajime about that.
I thought that these two must have a very strong connection.
After Hajime cried, he wasn’t doing really well and he had a little fever in the morning too.
In case he’s infected by something, we had various testing done.
We don’t have the results yet, but we should know tomorrow.
People that get a tracheostomy easily get infected if they are not careful.
The mouth is strong against germs but the throat is very susceptible.
And there’s a artificial opening there so we really need to be careful. I am worried about now on.
His condition wasn’t his best, and having considerable amount of pain, Hajime did not have PT for today.
I thought that it can’t be helped to have this kind of day. For me, I want him to give his effort to move…
but the most important thing is his will to try so I thought,
this kind of day is necessary for Hajime who’s not in his best.
I worry that the longer he stays lying in his bed, his muscles will weaken that much faster.
I hope that he walks while he can still walk.
I wonder、 will he’ll be able to try tomorrow?
Translated by Christine Shirota

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