Jun 24, 2011

The Day to Take the Tube Out is near

A night has passed since the operation, and the tube from Hajime’s lungs do not seem to have any air leaks.

If there is air leaking, there’s a box that checks if there is any air leaking, but there were no bubbles apparent in there.

The surgeon came in and after he checked that there are no bubbles, he told us that they could take out the tube soon.

I am so gla~d! So, so glad.
The day to take out the tube that hurt him so bad is near.
Now if he recovers at a good pace, I am thinking that we could see the day that we can leave the hospital.

Today Hajime was sleeping a lot during the day. There weren’t any problems with his breathing especially.

My husband and I had a family meeting in the afternoon.
The doctor, charge nurse, his nurse, discharge coordinator, and social worker were there
and we had a very productive time.

They listened to our questions and told us everything in details. They weren’t even watching their time…
Everybody is cooperating with each other as a team so that Hajime could comfortably spend his time hospitalized here.
It was truly a very valuable time.

It seems like he’s staying in the ICU until discharge, but because of this team, we can spend time here without worrying.

& I hope I can see lots of Hajime’s smiles~.

Translated by Christine Shirota

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