Jun 8, 2011

An Operation Again...

Today's Hajime had a good face much different from yesterday!

Today's nurse in charge of him was very good nurse it may thank to the
talk with the yesterday nurse, about painkillers and comfortable
care.. He is a male and very funny guy. He greeted to Hajime "Hello,
my friend!!" And Hajime thumbs up and greeted smily.

We requested a ventilation specialized nurse because he appealed chest
pain. Although the ventilator was taken off in the early morning, the
nurse asked him if Hajime wanted to put it again. Hajime told the
nurse to do so, but his plus, respiration rate and oxygen were stable
and good rate. So the nurse told him to hung in there a bit more. In
the end, he did not put the ventilator on all day.

Later we had X-ray examination. Well, that's portable, though. The
result was showing his lung condition was good condition. But because
why Hajime's lung got a hole was questionable, the doctor requested to
take CT scan. So, we did it after PT visit.

Anyway, PT (Physical Therapist) came to adjust the corset called
"Headmaster" to his size. So let Hajime get up. Hajime's neck muscles
were weakened more. Really, day by day, it becomes weakened and he
cannot support his head by his own. That "Headmaster" was a little bit
bigger to his size and it needed some supporter because it made his
head bend backward. Thus, it will be next time to try again.

And we had CT scan. This scan resulted Hajime to have another
emergency operation. This operation was to put the tube to the other
place. X-ray showed his lung became better. But CT scan showed air
leaks from a little hole was happening again and it made Hajime's lung
smaller again. When we saw the picture, we could see the difference
clearly. The sudden operation made my husband and I very be shaken.

Before the operation, we got a talk with the respiration specialist.
The doctor said unless the reason became clear, this situation might
happen again. If it would happen again, it would be very risky. So it
would be better to take an operation.  Although there are options not
to take an operation, considering recent condition of Hajime and
progress of the disease, it would be better to take it, the doctor

Hajime has to have an operation again! ...... It was too shocking for
us. We have not told him yet. But we worry what he will say. The
doctor said that Hajime would have a check up inserting a camera to a
place of the tube.  Tomorrow will be not happy day again.

(Translated by Satoko Okamoto)

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