Aug 10, 2011

While we are not there

It became late to Hajime's hospital because of our moving to the new
apartment. We brought big furniture to the new place, so the goal must
be closer... I hope.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:30PM. When we reached to Hajime's
room, Mark was enjoying talking with Hajime.

They told us when Mark and Alice arrived at Hajime's room, the curtain
was closed. But the loud voice of a nurse even could heard from
outside shouted "Suction?" and they felt something strange. When they
opened the curtain, there was a nurse and had them outside saying
"Please get outside a moment" and Mark and Alice was waiting outside
over the curtain. Soon after, the tone calmer and changed even like a
different person.

When we are not there, the nurse terribly shouted to Hajime who could
not talk changed their tone calmer when the person got to know someone
was nearby... Isn't it terrible?

After hearing such a thing, we went to higher level nurse to talk
about the problem. Alice came together with us to talk about it.

While we are not there, we can say every time something was, is and
will be happened. It is too bad. Hajime has been upset a lot. If he
does not need to have this feeling, how relieved, we think.

But... it's just simply terrible, doing such bad things to a patient
cannot talk and move...

Our moving is finishing soon. We can take time for Hajime, as soon as
we finish.

So, let's be patient!

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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