Aug 5, 2011

Today Was a Busy Day Too

Because we are in the midst of moving, we can’t sleep over at Hajime’s hospital yesterday and today,
but Hajime is hanging in there by himself.

We headed for the hospital early this morning too.
Hajime had a good expression.
When I asked, “Did you sleep okay?” He blinked “Yes!”

This blinking is becoming crucial to our conversation now.
Blinking once is a “yes” and if he shakes his head a little, that’s a “no”.
When he first lost his voice, having a conversation using blinks felt very awkward and I was overwhelmed with sadness.
But time has resolved that. Now we can have a pretty fun conversation.

Continued from yesterday, we had physical therapy training.
Today we tried using the lift machine that was used yesterday and
we were supposed to get pointers if there were anything wrong with what we’re doing.
We were told, “Good!” Yeah!
And we were taught how to tape him to ease his pain in his shoulder.
It didn’t seem like Hajime felt any difference.

Right after he had his speech therapy. But because he was sitting on his wheelchair,
he couldn’t practice what he usually does, which is pointing at the communication board with his foot.
In exchange, because it was such a nice weather out,
Hajime went out for a walk with his speech therapist on his wheel chair.
But the battery ran out on his ventilator so he had to come right back. Disappointing!

Afterwards he had visitors after visitors. It continued until late at night.
So many people came from places far away for Hajime.
Thank you for always supporting, everybody!

Mark has visited so many times.
Mark, Alice, thank you!

Translated by Christine Shirota

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