Aug 20, 2011

Difficult reaction of RT

Although we came to the hospital in the afternoon, Hajime had a soft
face saying "I could sleep very well."

This morning, Marilynne, Allison and Cathie seemed to visit the
hospital. Hajime talked about it full of joy. Thank you everyone!

Soon after the arrival to Hajime's room, we noticed the setting of
ventilator was wrong. So we went to the therapist of ventilator to
inform this. However, the RT today did not have any ears to listen to
us pointing the mistake. "I just listen to the order from the doctor"
and saying he never listened to the others.

Hajime's oxygen level usually fixed to 30, but the order was less than
that. So, the setting was 24, and Hajime had insufficient oxygen.
After that, the doctor came with apology and said he would change the

The similar thing happened around 3 weeks ago. We had a talk with the
other RT, but it happened again. Why it had to happen, we wonder.

Another problem happened with an RT in the night. As the shift is
changed, the other female RT came for the tracheotomy tube care. She
asked for having suction. But Hajime may not feel like it, so he was
shaking his head saying no. Yet, she pushed strong and did the
secretion suction. Because he cannot talk, she does what SHE WANTS
regardless of his will. It's bad. Because of her strong therapy,
Hajime dislikes her, it seems.

Why weekends are like that?

We will move to the new house, so we are back to the house to move our
packages thanks to the arrange of Joan.

I am an anxious mother again worrying if Hajime is fine...

Translated by Satoko Okamoto

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