Aug 13, 2011

Increasing Saliva

Today, because of our moving related things, we went to the hospital late again.
I was worried because it was a Saturday, but he was okay.

I guess Hajime was feeling lonely because he was happy that the whole family went rather rambunctiously.
His sister Yuki was talking about her brother and was saying that she wants to go home together with her brother. When I told Hajime about that he cried big tears.
Because he can’t reach out with his hands he used his foot and waved at Yuki. Yuki grabbed his big toe and looked really happy.

As far as Hajime’s condition, his control of his saliva is decreasing and he needs suction once every 5 minutes. He had botox in his mouth a while back but it didn’t work. But now that I am thinking, “Maybe it did work.” Because it’s supposed to wear off in August and it is August and his saliva is increasing. I am thinking about consulting with his doctor about this.

When there’s an increase in saliva, Hajime has difficulty breathing, so he gets a suction every time and waits to recover.

As worried that he gets, his saliva increases along with it.
I am worried…..

Translated by CS

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